One You, One Team, One Flagship – Part II

Multiple hands of different ethnicities intersecting and holding each other

Flagship believes that inclusive business practices empower team members, foster innovation, and build trustful relationships. By maintaining an environment where individual differences are valued and respected, these differences become Flagship’s strengths.

Sujin Lee, Director of Accounting and one of the inaugural members of Flagship’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, brings diversity into the workplace by encouraging and respecting the opinions and suggestions made by everyone on her team regardless of their roles and tenure.

“Diverse perspectives bring innovation to the workplace. I try to encourage and respect the opinions and suggestions made by everyone in my team regardless of their roles and tenure,” said Sujin. “When I am faced with diversity challenges, I focus on identifying and implementing specific and actionable items to make an immediate impact.”

The Company’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter describes the way diversity and inclusion are put into practice, serving as a statement of commitment from Flagship’s senior leadership team, a frame of references for the team members in the business, and a promise to all team members, customers, and business partners.

Cristina Chavez, VP of Credit in Flagship’s Tempe location, who is also one of the inaugural members of the Council, believes that diversity allows organizations to grow, encourages collaboration, and promotes transparency and respect, all of which create a welcoming and unified work culture.

“The Council wants to create a culture of inclusion that promotes diversity not only by education but through implementation,” said Cristina. “This is an hourly, daily, and weekly ongoing effort that will require each associate’s contribution to succeed. As an organization, we can grow so much if we achieve this, and we can also make Flagship the best place to work.”

Together, we can make a difference one positive, thoughtful step at a time.

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