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Meet Ann Marie Pressley who has been with Flagship since August 2018. Ann Marie’s commitment to form meaningful relationships, coupled with her desire to help others, has provided her with the opportunity to share her knowledge and be of service to those building a career with Flagship.

In her own words:

I joined the Human Resources team at Flagship in August 2018 after 18 years with my previous employer. The decision to grow my HR skills with another employer was difficult, but the decision to join Flagship was easy. The welcome mat was rolled out on day one of the interview process and continued through onboarding and training. On my first day, no one could find a key to my office and so many people stopped what they were doing to help locate it; that immediately set the tone for teamwork and relationships.

As a Senior Human Resources Business Partner, I am involved in the day-to-day activities of providing support and guidance to both leaders and associates in matters such as leave of absences, compliance with regulations, policies, and procedures, and coaching to drive success. My objective is to put a fresh eye on each situation and foster trust during each interaction I have with my colleagues, business leaders, and associates whether we are working through a current issue or developing new policies and plans. I am passionate about being a part of the solution for all parties involved and ensuring that all voices are heard. A door was unlocked for me to be a part of Flagship and I hope to unlock many doors for others in the future.

Some of my favorite experiences at Flagship are participating in the great development and learning opportunities. Whether it is co-facilitating the HR for Leaders learning sessions or being a participant in the F.L.A.G. Chips Lunch and Learn sessions, the opportunities for growth and development are fun and abundant!

Our team spirit is what I most enjoy about working at Flagship. We have the best associates who are fun, creative, helpful, and all-around terrific! While the pandemic and work from home strategy have placed a hold on most of our in-person collaborations or gatherings, I look back on some of the activities that promoted team spirit and friendly competition outside of the business routine: Team Pumpkin Carving Contests, Chili Cookoffs, Department Halloween Decorations, Ugly Sweater Contests, and Gingerbread Houses! During the pandemic, we have continued the team spirit even when participating from home: Live Town Halls by video, wellness challenges as a team or individually, photo submissions for ugly sweaters, teams wearing pink to support women’s health, leaders growing out their beards to support men’s health, and recently a virtual end-of-year celebration with drawings that we all witnessed on video. Our leaders do a great job of making sure we can all stay connected and support team spirit!

I am proud to be a part of an amazing Human Resources team. I find that the common thread in our team is our true passion for keeping the human element alive in the business operations. Whether Talent Acquisition is on the search for that perfect someone to join our Company, or Benefits is searching for the best insurance products to offer our associates, or Talent Development is combing through anonymous surveys to identify the most sought-after learning opportunities, we are always thinking about how we can bring new value to our associates.

To me, doing the right thing means making decisions that serve the better good. As a Company, we have compliance teams, policies, procedures, and business practices established to help guide our actions and decision making, but as individuals, we don’t always have a written policy to refer to. When faced with a challenge, we can’t stop at the first or easiest solution; we must look at the bigger picture. Whether the decision is personal or professional, doing the right thing means making the best decision for everyone that will ultimately be impacted. When faced with a challenge, I look for decisions that will align with my personal values and will allow me to feel good about how it will impact others.

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