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Arona’s passion for working with others and her willingness to take on new challenges has paved a career path with Flagship that allows her to pursue what she loves.

In her own words:

I was with United Healthcare Group as an Inside Sales Representative selling Medicare health insurance plans and drug coverage over the phone for about two years and wanted to return to an administrative position. I received an email about a job fair and signed up to attend. Flagship had a booth and I met some Flagship personnel during the fair. I spoke to them briefly, and they were looking for Collection Representatives, which was the role I was trying to get out of, but I left my resume with them. About two months later, I received an email from Flagship about an open house they were hosting. I took a chance and attended. The rest is history.

I have now been with Flagship for almost five years. The exciting thing about my position is that it was a new role. I started as a Loan Servicing Coordinator in the Chadds Ford, PA office, and the role evolved. Now, I am an Administrative Assistant II. I was able to create my own Job Description Manual for functions I perform and create more cost-effective measures for supplies.

Some of my most memorable experiences at Flagship are the fun activities we have carried out in the Company, like the end-of-year celebrations, cook-offs, and potlucks. Through these activities, we get to know our teammates. I’ve also received positive feedback about the functions I have assisted with over the years, which is very rewarding. On a personal level, another notable experience was receiving the “Above and Beyond” award in my office for exceeding and excelling in my tasks, and always going beyond what is asked of me.

To me, doing the right thing means always ensuring you have a clear conscience in the execution of your everyday activities. Doing the right thing will bring the right people into your life so you can succeed quicker. I think doing the right thing has afforded me the opportunity to be where I am today.

The best advice I was given at the start of my career was to make sure it was a job I love so I could build a career out of it. Growing up, I knew I wanted to help or be of service to people, so I decided to become a nurse. I soon realized the sight of blood was not a good feeling for me, so I switched to the administrative field. I went to school and achieved my Master’s degree in Human Resources and worked in the HR field for about 15 years before emigrating to this country. I think loving what you do is the best medicine you can give yourself daily.

I feel the Flagship Core Value that represents me the most is Passion. Passion is the fuel that gives a seemingly normal person superpowers. My philosophy about work is that “if you are doing something you love, you will never work another day in your life”, and that is how I feel. When you are truly connected to your passion, you would work without pay if you had to, simply for the opportunity to do what you love. You have an intensity about you that others can spot a mile away. I strive for excellence and am always trying to find ways to make my work more enjoyable and easier. My passion is also what drives me to be a part of various committees in the office, from our end-of-year celebration committee to assisting with our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program.

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