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Meet Carole, Talent Development Partner III in our Coppell, Texas office, who has been with the Company since 2016. Carole’s passionate drive to make a difference in the lives of those she trains and coaches has guided her own career path at Flagship and provided her with the opportunity to have a hands-on role in the creation of leadership development training.

In her own words:

I have been training for quite a number of years, working both in large corporations, state government agencies, and as an entrepreneur running my own talent development agency. The passion I have for people development is what led me to my current position. The potential to make a difference in a smaller organization, where I have line of sight to the impact of what I do, is also very important to me in my role. I love being able to keep up with the accomplishments of those I train and to continue to coach where I can. Entrepreneurship can be somewhat isolating, and while I have had many successes with taking on clients and filling their training needs, the ability to collaborate is what helps me to get better. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron.

Interactions with new hires and helping to equip them for their role within the organization is such a privilege. The ability to be able to speak into the life and career of another person is not something that I take lightly. I am also passionate about helping leaders build their teams through strategic planning, and putting in front of them the right tools to help them develop themselves and those that they lead.

One of my most significant work achievements at Flagship has been helping with the creation and launch of our leadership development training catalog of courses. With the tremendous growth Flagship has experienced over the last couple of years, especially in hiring new Loan Servicing team members, I look forward to playing more of a role in leadership training. It’s something that I look forward to doing more of, as it aligns with my career experience and my passion for people development, and strategic planning and scaling an organization.

My favorite memory with other members of my team is hands down one that occurred organically, right as we were in the early stages of the pandemic. A few of us on our Human Resources team came together once a week in the evening to form a book club. Interestingly enough, that book club became so much more than that. It brought us to a place of “real talk” where we worked to navigate the waters of what are real sensitive issues in our country. We worked to find our way through how to talk about some of these things; to ask questions and listen. As we moved forward, we decided to challenge ourselves through a commitment to personal accountability and action, and we still do.

While I believe that Integrity is a basic value that we all must have, the one that not only represents me, but sustains me the most is PASSION. I believe that passion is closely aligned with true purpose. I have a passion for what I do and search for ways to do it better. I believe that once passion is lost, it is time to re-evaluate one’s direction. Be your authentic self, work hard, be engaged, trust your instincts, and always be true to yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe!

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