Meet Francine!

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Meet Francine, Credit Supervisor in the Tempe office, who has been with the Company since 2013. Francine’s passion for helping others succeed in their professional lives has shaped her own career at Flagship and has added immense value to her leadership skills.

In her own words:

I have been with Flagship for almost 8 years now and am currently the Credit Supervisor in our Tempe, AZ office. One of the things that led me to my current position is my passion for helping others achieve their goals. Putting the needs of others ahead of my own is something I have always done, so my leadership role comes naturally and gives me enjoyment to see members of my team excel in their roles.

I truly enjoy the people that I work with and for. Working for Flagship has a family feel to it; everyone genuinely cares for each other not only as associates but as individual people with lives of their own. This is something that I personally have experienced from all levels in the Company, including upper management. I think a huge reflection of this has been how Flagship has handled our working environment amid a global pandemic. This Company has always placed the importance of its associates above all else, and that is something that sticks with me. I’m especially grateful because I know this is not the case at most companies today.

One thing I love about my role at Flagship is the negotiation and communication that transpires between the Company and a dealership which leads to building productive business relationships. I have personally helped grow territories from the ground up, and there is nothing more rewarding than to know where a market started and see how successful it has become today.

I draw inspiration from all people, from all levels of experience here at Flagship, and I’m constantly learning and growing. I think having an open mind and listening to others goes a long way. I have picked up tips from members of my team and have been able to apply them in my own walk of business. It can be as simple as hearing someone explain something in a way that you like and sharing it with others.

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