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Meet Jennifer, who has been with Flagship since June 2015. Jennifer’s strong educational background in Management and Business encouraged her to pursue a career she could grow in at Flagship.

In her own words:

I graduated from Bloomsburg University with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a double major in Marketing and Management. Subsequently, I graduated from La Salle University with my Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. As I was looking for potential careers, I came across NCB Management Services Inc., a third-party collection agency. I moved up quickly in the company, with my last few years as their Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager. I decided I wanted to continue in Management/Business and further grow this career. A previous supervisor referred me to Flagship, and on June 1, 2015, I started my career with Flagship. I am currently the Senior Regulatory Matters & Licensing Specialist. I handle the state examinations and licensing renewals, applications, annual reporting, and SOS registration renewals. I oversee our Licensing Specialist as well as handle numerous paralegal-type functions with research projects, litigation requests, and attorney support. I am also currently “acting manager” of our Customer Advocacy team until a replacement manager is hired, which consists of both management and teamwork.

The most notable experience I have had at Flagship is the team environment. When I first started at Flagship, the team I worked with would try to get together outside of work for a meal to build a foundation for a working relationship in the office. Since then, the team has changed but the common goal of learning to leverage everyone’s strengths has not. Prior to the pandemic, there were team meetings and company events that allowed you to interact with one another. Since the pandemic, most of these meetings have turned virtual, but having video conferences and working together on projects continues to allow the team environment to be a success.

I am passionate about the work that I am entrusted to do. Most of my job tasks have severe regulatory implications if deadlines are not met, and requirements are not adhered to. I enjoy being part of the team that ensures the company is compliant. I am also passionate about giving others the tools to succeed. It gives me a sense of pride to see others understand what I teach them and then use it in their daily job to be a successful part of the team, and further grow their own career with their newfound knowledge base.

Since I have worked at Flagship, I have had numerous opportunities to engage in tasks that have permitted me to learn about various aspects of the company. This has allowed me to be a versatile team player and contribute to multiple facets of the company, as well as gain knowledge in many areas. With this diverse amount of company knowledge, it will enable me to exceed at my job and continue to further my Flagship career.

To me, doing the right thing means to do right by yourself, your team, and the company. This will only help everyone to be set up for great success.

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