Meet Jonathan!

Headshot of Jonathan Neumark

Meet Jonathan, Flagship’s AVP of Technology Services who has been with the Company since April 23, 2018. Jonathan’s extensive engineering experience and love for customer service have allowed him to flourish in his current role – and encourage his fellow team members to do the same.

In his own words:

I’ve been with Flagship since April of 2018. My background is as a professional Civil Engineer and I fell into computing when I came out of college but left full-time engineering after sustaining computer systems at a Civil Engineering consultancy. I eventually went full-time into distribution of hardware and software, which really introduced me to people and my love for customer service. Prior to joining Flagship, I had been searching for a suitable position for almost a year. I was very particular in my job search because I wanted to find a role that was people-centric with a team under me and that would allow me to interface with the entire enterprise. Many of the roles I was being offered were either more technical or project management-oriented, or the teams were too small for me to make a meaningful change.

At Flagship, it’s been very rewarding to see how people excel when you give them structure. I didn’t gravitate to this industry because of a love for finance. I much prefer something that has a physical product at the end, whether that be manufacturing or logistics. Dealing with people, though, is the same. It doesn’t matter what industry it is – it’s the people that matter. And that’s been the fun part with this Company.

Soon after I arrived at Flagship, I was told that there was an ambitious plan to roll out Windows 10 to the enterprise and that they were hoping to have it done by early summer of 2019. Being accustomed to an enterprise of thousands of machines, I knew we could get it done by late December 2018. Everyone thought I was crazy, but we did it. I did set some ambitious goals for my team, but now they know something like that can be done, even if it’s challenging and requires an extra push.

The most notable experience I’ve had here is turning my position into a visible presence within the Company rather than a behind-the-scenes IT service. It wasn’t until after a few weeks of starting here and making my way around the offices that people started to recognize me and the change that was starting to happen because of my position. It’s been a series of interactions with people, and the most rewarding has been seeing how my team has evolved and matured throughout my time here.

One thing I really emphasize to my team is the importance of getting back to people. Customer service is my love. If someone asks for help – always respond. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect answer for them right away, people appreciate being acknowledged and feeling like they are being heard. My passion lies in listening to people and getting back to them to make their lives easier. Being a facilitator, you can understand what people want and find the resources to help them if you can’t directly help them yourself. Having an open mind is the best way to collaborate with anyone – my motto is to do your best, listen, and execute.

Doing the right thing is different for different people, but for me, it’s about making someone else happy and making their life easier. There’s no magic in it. I think that to do that, it’s all about feedback, listening, and doing the best you can to satisfy someone. It’s as easy as that.

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