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In his own words:

I’ve been with Flagship for ten years and prior to that I was working for Chrysler Financial. I ended up coming into Flagship as a Loss Mitigation Agent and had been doing loss mitigation for Flagship for about five years before moving to recovery. From recovery, I transferred to the late stage department, where I am now a supervisor.

Being here for so long, I’ve had many notable experiences at Flagship but one that stands out the most was taking over a particular portfolio that was very new to my team. The takeover was effective immediately and it was a little hectic, but we managed to pull it off. We learned a brand new system that came with that portfolio within just a few days, and we were able to manage it, control the losses, and adapt to it very quickly. As we were going through the learning process, I was also teaching the new people how the platform works and its different capabilities. At the time we took over this portfolio, I was assigned to repossessions in addition to getting the collections team up to par on the system. It was definitely a challenge and a different nature than what we were used to, but it was an experience and one of our greatest team achievements.

The family-oriented atmosphere at Flagship is one of my favorite aspects of working here. Some of my team members and I came in together, and we’ve become so connected throughout the years. We know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, expectations, and work ethics. I enjoy that I know the executive leaders, too – they always make themselves available and ask what the organization can do to make improvements. We know what we need and what we want, what Flagship expects from us, and we’re all driven to achieve those goals. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve stayed here for so long.

As a supervisor, learning the ropes was very important to me, and the other late stage supervisor prior to be coming on board really took me under his wing and gave me the guidelines I needed to succeed. He’s showed me expectations of our associates and team members, and how to navigate the various systems we use. I really admire his work ethic – he’s very organized, and I’ve used that to adapt to my role in becoming a better supervisor.

To me, “doing the right thing” is following moral and ethical values. It’s about treating other people as you would like to be treated. I look at it this way – treat people with professionalism and find a way to resolve issues with respect. For me, it’s always being thorough, finding solutions, and thinking of ways that I can help others. It’s best to avoid aggression and unprofessional talk, and what we call “falling out of character.” Sometimes you just need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what you can do to resolve the situation and find a resolution.

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