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Headshot of Karimah Ryans

Meet Karimah, Manager of Business Analytics who has been with Flagship since March 19, 2013. When circumstances required Karimah and her family to relocate to a new city, she found herself searching for a new position for the first time in 10 years. Thanks to a serendipitous job listing with, Karimah was introduced to a new career at Flagship.

In her own words:

There was a lot of hesitation for me when I started in this role. For most of my career, I’d worked in mortgage-backed securities at Wells Fargo, which is a huge corporation. Coming from a company where there were tons of other analysts to a smaller organization, where I would be one of the only ones managing the reporting for the sales team, made me nervous to have all eyes on me. The experience turned out to be the opposite of what I was expecting. I like knowing that I’m not one of the hundreds of people all doing the same thing. At Flagship, my voice is heard. I feel that my role is impactful and appreciated.

There are always pros and cons of leaving a large company to work at a smaller one, but I’ve found I like being part of a smaller team. At a big corporation, every day is the same, it can be monotonous. At Flagship, every day is different. The differences from day to day are fun, intriguing, and exciting! I look around and honestly, I’m amazed at the growth this company has seen in just a few years! Even considering the crazy growth, our team culture still feels like my extended family.

Working at Flagship has made such a difference in my career and my life. I’ve been afforded so many opportunities and I am blessed to work with such an amazing team. I’ll always be grateful! They say, “The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity to grow.” Well, I am truly looking forward to new challenges and even bigger opportunities ahead…

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