Meet Kristen!

Headshot of Kristen Woerner

Meet Kristen, Human Resources Assistant III in the Chadds Ford office, who has been with the Company since 2019. Kristen’s willingness and desire to help others identify their career path has provided her the opportunity to excel in her own growing career at Flagship.

In her own words:

I graduated from Wilmington University with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science in 2017, and then earned a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Wilmington University in 2018. After that, I immediately began my job search. A friend had referred me to a temp agency that had helped her find employment, but it was important to me that I find a company where I knew I could build a career and stay for a while. The agency had reached out about Flagship. They were looking for a potential permanent Human Resources Assistant through a five-week temporary assignment. If it was a good fit, the temporary assignment would turn into a permanent position. I knew right away that Flagship was the perfect fit – they were a supportive and hardworking group of people, and everyone made me feel like part of the team. Thankfully, at the end of my temporary assignment, I was offered the permanent position and the time I have spent at Flagship since then has been such a great experience.

I am very passionate about being able to build relationships with others and helping them throughout the journey of their career. I truly enjoy being able to interact with people every day, as I am often trying to find the best individuals for each position we have available here at Flagship. I know from personal experience that job searching can be a difficult task. Knowing that I am not only helping others through the process so that they can find an opportunity, but also that I am helping the company to grow, is a rewarding piece of my position.

I feel that the Flagship Core Value that best represents me is trust because it is so crucial to every aspect of life. I have worked very hard to build trust both personally and professionally. Those that know me know that they can rely on me and that I will follow through with what I say I am going to do. What I like most about working at Flagship is the trust I’ve built with my coworkers and the experience that I am gaining because of that trust.

Working with those who support me and push me to always do better and improve is something I don’t take for granted. I love that outside of work, our team also created a Book Club as an opportunity to meet weekly and discuss non-work related items.

By working with a company that is growing, I can gain experience in numerous areas of Human Resources in an environment that has been very welcoming – both inside and outside of my department. In my opinion, Flagship is a place that provides its associates a great opportunity to succeed if you work hard.

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