Meet Raquel!

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Meet Raquel Ruiz, Bankruptcy Supervisor in the Coppell office, who has been with the team since May 2014. Raquel’s passion for taking on new challenges and problem-solving has led her to expand her career within the organization.

In her own words:

I joined CarFinance Capital in May 2014 as a Customer Service Representative. This was my first foray into the Auto Finance world. After 6 months, I took a leap and applied internally to an open Bankruptcy Specialist role. I didn’t know much about consumer law at the time, so I studied as much as possible and observed the Bankruptcy Team in their day-to-day work. In 2019, having become a senior Bankruptcy Specialist, I was promoted to Team Lead and started to take on more responsibilities. In early 2022, I was promoted to my current position as Bankruptcy Supervisor, where I am learning more about the managerial side of the business. Though the work can be challenging, it allows me to grow as an employee and expand my knowledge.

Experiencing the CarFinance Capital and Flagship Credit Acceptance merger was especially notable. During this time, our Bankruptcy team evolved and was restructured. In many ways, this helped us better serve the business and customers, who benefitted from a more specialized team. Together, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many team-building events. We went to the Texas State Fair, a couple of Texas Rangers Baseball Games, played arcade games, went bowling, and shared holiday dinners.

One aspect of my work that I am most passionate about is problem-solving. Not just in helping to solve a customer’s problem but also in researching and untangling the events in the life of a loan or bankruptcy case. I also enjoy taking our work processes and mapping them out in print. This helps train the team and ensures we are all on the same page. It can also show where improvements can be made. Applying what I learned in a classroom to my daily life is very rewarding; it gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride.

What I love most about Flagship is the room for growth. My journey began in Customer Service, and now I am leading the Bankruptcy Department. This shows Flagship values and invests in its employees’ success.

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