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At our Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania location since August 2012

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Meet Stephen, Associate Counsel since August 13, 2012. It might be said that it was fate that brought Stephen to Flagship. After graduating from law school (only a short 10-minute drive from Flagship’s Chadds Ford headquarters) he was studying for the bar exam and looking for his first opportunity to practice law when his roommate, a Flagship employee, told him about an open position in the Legal department. The timing was just right, and not long after Stephen joined the Flagship family.

In his own words.

Before law school, I worked at Wells Fargo and GMAC Mortgage, but ever since I was young I had always wanted to be a lawyer. So in 2009, I decided to take a chance and enroll in law school. I had a few part-time jobs and internships while in law school, but Flagship was my first legal job after graduating. I had always thought that once I had my law degree, I would work in a firm focusing on corporate law until I gained enough experience to move to an in-house position. Never in a million years did I think I would have the chance to start my career in-house -- it’s just not how the standard career path for most new lawyers works.

As part of Flagship’s legal department, it’s my job to ensure the company is able to meet its business objectives while still protecting its interests and maintaining regulatory compliance. Striking that balance is not always easy, especially in today’s ever changing consumer finance regulatory environment. There are constantly new law and regulatory developments that need to be taken into consideration. With the support of senior management, I’ve been able to tackle challenges that I likely would not have had the opportunity to do elsewhere, and those experiences have helped me to soar ahead in my career.

Watching how our General Counsel, Chris Keiser, finds the perfect balance between pro-business and legal concerns has been an education in itself. He provides opportunities to learn, gain experiences and grow within the company, personally and professionally. He’ll push me to try new things or take on different tasks all in an attempt to conquer the learning curve…there’s always a method to his madness! Put it this way: If Chris is asking one of us to do something, there’s a reason for it. He has everyone’s best interests at heart, and that’s not something you find in every company.

Four years and a ton of learning later, I still feel lucky that fate worked the way it did. Not many companies are able to offer the growth opportunities I’ve been fortunate enough to experience here. I believe it’s rare for a young lawyer to find a company that will allow them to learn, grow, and take on the responsibilities that I’ve been able to do here at Flagship, and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you for being a part of our Flagship family, Stephen!

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Fair Lending Policy

Flagship Credit Acceptance, LLC ("Flagship") is committed to maintaining a culture of fair credit throughout the organization. In this regard, Flagship has developed a Fair Credit Program ("Program") that complies with all applicable fair credit laws and regulations ("FC Laws") and reflects industry best practices. Flagship is committed to comply with the letter and spirit of FC Laws. The goal of the Program is to carry out Flagship's commitment and be recognized internally and externally (e.g., by management, associates, customers, service providers, and the public) as dedicated to fair credit principles and demanding of compliance. The Program applies to all aspects of Flagship's operations (including reviewing, purchasing and servicing retail installment sale contracts whether for itself or others) and all services offered by Flagship, and across all of Flagship's credit operations, including marketing, underwriting, origination, processing, servicing, collection, loss mitigation, and payoff activities, and to all personnel who work for or on behalf of Flagship, whether as associates, officers, members of the Board of Directors, agents, representatives or service providers.

Should you have any questions about the details of any of Flagship's policies, please contact us at 1.800.900.5150 M-F, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST.


Our Lending Philosophy

A borrower is more than just a credit score. At Flagship, we focus on the story behind the customer …and look beyond the number.

Life happens. Whether low credit scores are a result of past circumstances, one-time events or just bad luck, Flagship offers multi-tiered pricing structures to finance borrowers across the credit spectrum.

At Flagship we believe a borrower’s credit past shouldn’t dictate their future.

Many borrowers need a second chance. We recognize the vast majority of persons with credit challenges are working hard to re-establish their credit rating. Each of our Credit Analysts are trained in "common sense" lending, a philosophy of reviewing all the circumstances and determining the appropriate deal structure for the specific borrower situation. Flagship maintains a very high standard regarding  Fair Lending compliance, ensuring our customers are always treated professionally and consistently.