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Meet Tom!

Tom Zamonski

Meet Tom, Quality Assurance Analyst II who has been with Flagship since January 22, 2015. After graduating from Temple University with a degree in Journalism, Tom decided to pursue a career path that would offer a level of financial security. Thanks to a fortuitous placement from a staffing agency and a helpful former co-worker, he was able to turn his temporary position at another auto finance company into a full-time job at Flagship.

In his own words:

My time at Flagship has been exciting. Soon after I started, the Company signed a big deal with AutoNation. I was given the responsibility of acting as the go-between for all the East Coast AutoNation locations and Flagship. That meant I had to be in constant contact with both companies to keep the information flowing so they could broker the deal. That first deal went so well, the other regions of AutoNation soon followed. That’s pretty good for a guy who never felt comfortable talking on the phone until I started here!

One of the things I appreciate about Flagship is the fact that they go out of their way to recognize hard work. In less than a year, I was promoted from an entry-level to a senior-level position! Since my first promotion at Flagship, I have been able to continue my career progression within the Company and the auto finance industry. After being promoted from an entry-level to a senior level position in the Funding Department, I was promoted to the Credit Department.

Working in the Credit Department, I was able to develop my skills and knowledge of the auto finance industry. After a few years working as a Credit Analyst, I was once again promoted to the role of a Quality Assurance Analyst for Loan Originations.

There’s also a really great family atmosphere here; a sense of teamwork. In a lot of companies I’ve worked for, the executives don’t seem to care about the employees, but it’s not that way at Flagship. Here, they make it a point to keep everyone updated with what’s going on with the Company through quarterly town hall meetings…and it doesn’t really matter who you pass in the hallway, you’ll almost always receive a “hi”.

It feels like I’ve made good friends here, not just people I work with.

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