At Flagship, it's Easier Than Ever to Manage Your Accounts

With new features & eco-friendly delivery options — using our new Customer Account Portal lets you spend less time paying & more time driving.

Just click the Customer Account Log-In button to view & manage your new account dashboard. There you can set up recurring payments, arrange for paperless billing, create custom log-ins & more!

At Flagship we believe that managing your account should be fast, easy, and hassle free!

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Newest Features

  • View your accounts and auto pay status
  • Add your accounts and auto pay status
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Read more about our personal approach to lending

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Read more about the policies and practices designed to protect you as a borrower.

Where credit is a problem, we're here to find the solution.

At Flagship we understand good people can have less than great credit. Even if you have had a previous bankruptcy or have defaulted on a loan, we believe that as long as you are committed to re-establishing your credit profile and can demonstrate a stable income and ability to repay, Flagship may have the ability to help.

Through our relationships with dealerships across the United States, we provide quality financing for customers across all levels of credit. At Flagship we work closely with our dealer partners on every application, review every detail, and whenever possible, find a way to extend to you the financing you need.

Educational Resources

We’ve included a link to the various publications from the American Financial Services Association Education Foundation (“AFSAEF”), whose mission it is to help consumers realize the benefits of responsible money management, understand the credit process, and seek help if credit problems occur. There is a whole host of information – in English as well as Spanish — pertaining to buying a car, understanding personal loans, available on their site.

Visit AFSAEF resources