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Key Program Features

Vehicle Valuations — We Let You Choose!

At Flagship, we won’t force you to value the collateral according to our preferred guidebook. Instead, we leave the choice in your hands. When submitting a contract, simply include the appropriate vehicle valuation using NADA, Kelley Blue Book, or Black Book.

Please note that we default to NADA clean trade.

Online Application Submission

Flagship currently accepts applications using DealerTrack, RouteOne, DealerCenter or CUDL.

Preferred Dealer Status

Simply fund four or more contracts with Flagship the preceding month or 12 or more contracts in a rolling calendar quarter to receive “Preferred Dealer Advantage Status” – which includes lower fees, increased back-end, as well as other key benefits. (For multi-store dealer groups, four or more per month or 12 or more in a rolling calendar quarter per store). Contact your ASM or ISM to learn more!

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