Bringing the Sales Team Together

Virtual Sales Conference November 2020

Traditionally, our Sales teams come together twice a year to plan, learn, socialize and celebrate with each other and other departments in the company. We love this time spent together. It’s a time where friendships are formed and deepen. Our teams benefit from this collaboration and shared passion for the company and our industry.

We wanted to celebrate this year most of all recognizing that our teams have done the impossible. They became more connected when further apart. They continued to engage their dealers, even when unable to see or speak with them in person, and no matter what, they found a way to reach and in many cases, exceed their goals. This deserves a celebration. Virtual was the best we could do during this time. And being the Flagship team, they did virtual better than we could have hoped. They not only welcomed an eight-hour day of meetings, they asked for more. They brought their can-do attitudes, they paid attention, and they brought their excitement to every video session.

We said it in the meetings, and we will say it again here for everyone to see: You are our niche. The service and expertise you bring to your stores is what sets Flagship apart. You are the face and the pride of Flagship in the field, on the phone and on screen. Thank you for showing up each day and finding a way.

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