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From David’s Desk

Thank you. Before I write anything else, and if you read nothing past this, I want to thank each and every dealer for what you have done.

I have been in this industry for over twenty-five years, and I have never seen grit and determination like I’ve seen out of all of you in these last several months.

Thank you not only for continuing to place your business and your faith in Flagship, but for providing me countless examples of why I love this business. You meet every challenge, no matter how seemingly impossible, with a “here, hold my inventory list” approach that is inspiring. Some of you held food drives, acted as drop-off sites, hosted blood drives, all while changing your entire business model in a matter of a few weeks, and still managed to remain open for business. Others had no choice but to close your stores and are re-opening with all new processes and procedures built by a staff working from home.

Whichever side of the spectrum or anywhere between the two your store falls in, you all have proven, once again, that the auto industry drives this country. So again, thank you. Thank you for letting Flagship, and our entire team, all of whom I am so proud to work with, be a part of your success.

David Courts
Senior Vice President of Sales