Mentorship Program Coming to Flagship

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Mentorship Program Coming to Flagship

Flagship prides itself in working with team members, encouraging them take ownership of their personal and professional development. By empowering associates, fostering innovation, and building trustful relationships, the Company creates a collaborative learning environment where associates can enhance their skillsets and continue to grow in their careers.

This spring, Flagship is excited to be launching a pilot program of its first Mentorship Program. Nineteen Mentors who are currently in a leadership role with the Company will be participating in the program, including several in an Executive role at Flagship. Flagship team members interested in participating as a Mentee will be matched to a Mentor based on a DiSC Assessment, which measures how an individual prefers to interact with others based on different communication styles. Once matched, each pair will meet monthly through the end of 2022.

Ryan Gamble, Flagship’s Director of Treasury, is spearheading the new program.

“I have had a lot of great mentors in my life. Whenever I have asked how I can possibly repay them for their guidance, I have only received one response: To do the same for someone else.”

Ryan is proud to help build this program along with his fellow committee members at Flagship and hopes this program continues to show Flagship is not just a place to work, but an environment designed to cultivate a career.

As the Company continues to recruit associates to become a part of the Flagship team, the Mentorship Program will help participants, both Mentors and Mentees alike, to become more effective in their roles by strengthening their connections with others in the workplace and offering a new avenue for progression in their growth.