One You, One Team, One Flagship – Part I

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One You, One Team, One Flagship – Part I

Flagship is focused upon maintaining a workplace rooted in respect for every associate, regardless of race, ethnicity, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, generation, thinking style, and all of the many other characteristics that make us diverse.

Flagship is proud of the important work by its Diversity and Inclusion Council, which has helped create a platform for genuine, positive change, and improve the Company’s culture. The Council’s eight members are responsible for outlining the Council’s mission and goals for the next 12-month period:

  • Arona Ross Hutchinson, Loan Servicing
  • Bre Forgione, Marketing & Communications
  • Bryan Boyd, Funding
  • Cristina Chavez, Credit
  • Karimah Ryans, Risk
  • Kathy Koch, Legal & Compliance
  • Sujin Lee, Accounting
  • Vonda Potts, Loan Servicing

Flagship’s goal is to incorporate diversity and inclusion throughout the business, as both a business necessity and a core belief. Karimah Ryans, Business Analytics Manager, who is one of the inaugural members of the Council, brings diversity into the workplace by allowing space for varied perspectives and voices.

“Diversity is representation in all areas, but it is not interchangeable with inclusion. Inclusion focuses on creating an environment where different perspectives and contributions are valued and integrated into decision making,” said Karimah. “Those experiences where I have had the pleasure to work and learn in diverse environments have been the most rewarding of my career; I’ve felt my most comfortable, happiest, and ultimately had the greatest opportunity to thrive, learn, and grow.”

Establishing values such as transparency, authenticity, and unity in day-to-day interactions and decisions is what creates the foundation of Flagship’s culture.

“It is my hope as a member of Flagship’s Diversity & Inclusion Council that we continue to grow the culture of the company and to be a voice of accountability. That we continue to show our team members that their voices will be heard, and that we accept and embrace their unique differences,” said Bryan Boyd, Funding Manager and inaugural Council member. “If being part of the Council can get one individual to reflect upon their biases (whether conscious or unconscious), then our work is meaningful.”

Together, we can make a difference one positive, thoughtful step at a time.